Emergency Service Call on a Broken AC Leads to a Toxic Discovery

Are you one of the millions of American’s who suffers from itchy red eyes, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing? If not you are one lucky person, because according to the Allergy Institute of America more than half of the population suffer from and have tested positive for at least one type of allergen. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but what about someone living in your home? The real problem is that the number of those suffering is not going down, but rather increasing every year.

It’s typical for people to never know what causes their problems, or that they even have one. Far too often people attribute their problems to some sort of seasonal allergy or think that they may just be getting the flu. Just ask our dear friends Steve and Michele who live in Inverness. One day last summer they called us to the rescue, because after two days of suffering with no air conditioning they could not bare it any longer. What we discovered opened our eyes to a shocking realization and the fact that we had to share this with you.

Upon our arrival to a seemingly routine air conditioner problem we noticed both Steve and Michele seemed very run down, and suffering from flu like symptoms. Steve was very pale, and you could tell he just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep this off. Michele was complaining about how she had not been able to sleep lately. Had we not been friends previously I worry I may have never gotten that information from her. This was important, because we were able to find and fix their problem.

Not only was their air conditioner broken and in need of replacement, but they had a broken water line leaking into their basement since the winter. For at least 4-5 months they had water soaking into a workbench in their basement, right where the furnace was located of course. The workbench was completely saturated and cover in black mold!

We immediately sprung into action and started to pull out anything that had been contaminated. We pulled out box after box of antiques and collectible. Most notably was Steve’s baseball card collection. Steve being a huge baseball fan, I can only imagine how valuable these cards where. After developing a solution with Steve and Michele we were able to get our crew into action and get them immediate relief.

There is no doubt that Steve and Michele had been breathing in toxic particulates cause them to suffer from what they thought was normal causes. To us no suffering is normal, and there are ways to combated each situation. The typical indoor environment is 5 times more polluted than that of the outdoors. That means you and your loved ones are breathing in toxic and pollutants everyday, and in some cases they can cause serious health problems.

There are signs that you can look for in your own home to understand if your heating and cooling system is contributing to your health problems. The first is to make sure your system is operating properly and filters are being changed regularly. Dirty and clogged filters as well as poorly performing equipment are leading causes to indoor air quality issues. If your system seems to be turning on and off excessively it is not doing its job at properly removing the high humidity in the home. High humidity levels are an allergens dream, as they can easily grow and multiple. Another leading factor to look at is how well your ducts are sealed and where they are located. The environment that the ducts are in can have a large influence on the environment of your home in general.

How much would it mean to you if you could drastically reduce your costs associated with allergy medicine as well as over the counter prescriptions? How much does time off from work or sick days affect your family? It is estimated the the health care industry spends 18 billion annually in relation to allergies and allergens. There is no reason for you to be suffering in your own home! Like Steve and Michele I am sure your home is your castle and sanctuary. From now until May 31st, or until we run out of our secret weapon, we want to help!

By installing a Guardian Air PHI light, as well as new equipment in Steve and Michele’s house we were able to improve their quality of life back to where it should be. Michele tells me every time I see her that the little blue light indicating her RGF light is on, is her way of know she can sleep and be protected. Not only was Michele suffering during the water leak, she told me that she could never really sleep well since living in her house. She knew instantly as soon as her cleaned air started flowing she could take a deep breathe and relax. Sure some cases are extreme like our friends, and may need other solutions. However, we knew that by adding this light we were going to help them drastically.

What is so great about this system is that it can easily be added to an existing system, and does not require you to change out your equipment. So from now until the end of May, we want to help you put an end to any needless suffering in your home. We are offering this system to you for 90 days, no risks, no gimmicks. We are going to slash the price of these units from $925.00 down to $825.00, installed. They come with a full two year parts and labor guarantee. To us that wasn’t giving this light enough justice. So as a incentive to you our loyal reader we are adding in a 90 satisfaction guarantee with a full refund in that 90 days if you are not happy. No questions asked, no BS, and no gimmicks. If you would like to find out if this is the right solution for you, or want to understand your particular situation better call us for a free no obligation consultation. We want to help you! I know that this system will end needless suffering, and I want to share it with as many people as I can help!

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