Helping at Da Coach’s Restaurant

As many of you know ex Chicago Bears head coach is in the restaurant industry along with many other businesses. Currently there are two different restaurants, one located in Chicago right near Water Tower Place, and one directly across the street from Oak Brook terrace. There is talk of maybe even a third so keep your eyes peeled for that on the North Shore.

When it comes to his restaurants its simple, great atmosphere, great food, and even a chance too meet the coach. Just like his style of coaching going back to the good old days of Super Bowl Bears the coach demands the best. His staff was having problems with the comfort at both locations and wanted to get to the bottom of his problems.

For his Chicago location the problem was the main bar area could not maintain temperatures when it was in the extreme temperatures. There is no place for uncomfortable clients when it comes to Da Coach and his staff. The equipment at this location was also nearing the end of its expected life and displaying some design flaws. After consulting with other companies their only answers were new equipment.

Being the smart managers they were, the GMs knew this was not the way. After visiting with the Corcoran’s they learned that a new return was needed for the bar area, a new supply was needed for the private dinning area, and the kitchen’s make-up air needed to be turned on. All this information can easily be gained through load calculations and duct calculators.

However, the implementation side is what is often overlooked by the majority of contractors. They stick to replacing boxes and try to avoid the creativity needed for proper airflow. In this case the restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, and we needed to adapt including the ductwork and holes required all while keeping them up and running.

Thanks to our design expertise and for cite this was just another project from Corcoran. Post completion the head chef was shocked by how easily the bar area cooled down, and even how powerful the newly added supply was. A great example of how looking at all aspects of the project and environment are the difference between comfortable happy clients, and the same old school results.

Now the Oak Brook location is a different story with an entirely new set of challenges. This location is newly built with new equipment and a hi tech control system. What has been going on here is a multitude of comfort and control problems, as well as parts failures, and building over pressurization. These problems needed to be met with a sophisticated understanding of how the equipment was operating, and where the short comings came into play.

After careful testing and research we were able to determine places we could make a difference. A few adjustments here, some controller reprogramming, and getting all the kitchen mechanical equipment operating. Without that the kitchen exhaust was robbing the space of air conditioning and wasting their money!

Just like football our services come down to a good game plan developed by the smartest people it can partner with. This game plan can be implemented, repeated, and successful. This game plan is applied to all our home, commercial, and restaurant clients. By simply switching plays and coverage’s we can adapt and discover all the comfort robbing and energy wasting problems.

It would be bad for you not to check out all Da Coach has to offer, he has a lot to check out!:

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