Helping to Save a Marriage!?!

The most rewarding part of what we do everyday is talking to our clients after we have made a significant impact in there home. We learn even more about how bad it really was before they have experienced our solutions. Had we never met Marty I know he would have given up his crusade for comfort, because he told me so.

His story is one I am proud to share, because people like Marty just assume they are stuck being uncomfortable. Marty came to us looking for a way to keep his master bedroom comfortable on his newly custom built home. His wife and him where ready to move out of their gorgeous master suite, because they could not sleep comfortably next to one another. Their master suite just like the rest of their home was absolutely gorgeous.

Marty had us out and explained to us his frustration and his journey up to that point. He told us he had called out a different contract each year for the past 4 years he had lived in his home. Each contractor would look at his equipment and say everything was working the way it was designed. He knew he wasn’t crazy and that there was actually something else that had to be going on here. We reassured him he was not crazy and that by the time we were done with our evaluation he would have a solution.

We spent roughly two hours measuring his house, ductwork, and all other factors that effect his house. The one thing the other contractors had missed is that the home as well as the equipment make up a system. Without examining the entire house, you are only exposed to the tip of the ice-berg. The solution was easy, and he did not need to make any equipment changes or upgrades. Our load calculation and duct analysis showed us his furnace was starving for air, and his bedroom did not have enough vents to properly condition the space.

After talking with Marty some more, his only concern was that our solution finally put an end to his suffering. We reassured him we had the right prescription to solve his problem, and since we guarantee our duct renovations 100% satisfaction or your money-back, he said it was a no brainer. Sure Marty could have called up some other contractors and had them try our solution, but he had been down that road each year. We put his mind to ease that his was all it would take and got to work the next day.

His thank you video says it the best, but I can assure you that Marty and his wife are now finally comfortable in their master suite. Now I won’t take credit for saving his marriage or anything, but I know we re-moved a major pain allowing them to sleep comfortable through the night.

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