Reducing “stress” on your HVAC equipment this spring.

With spring finally starting to approach it is a wonder just how hot it may get this summer. Will we have a overly hot summer, or more milder temps? Hard to say, but after this last winter my money is on the long hot summer.

With April being a month dedicated to stress awareness I thought what better way than to look at something you may not expect would suffer from stress. Your indoor comfort is directly affected by the stress your HVAC equipment and ductwork will be up against this spring and summer. To help reduce the stress on not only your equipment but on your sanity and pocket book here are some steps to take.

Change or clean your filter.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to help directly reduce the stress your equipment will be facing. These long cold winters keep our houses closed up and furnaces running constantly. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get your filters checked, changed, or cleaned.

Beware of overly price filters that promise high capture rates without doing your research. If you have a 1” filter we recommend the fiberglass disposable and addressing allergy concerns with RGF lights. For 5” filters you should stick with Honeywell or Air Bare filters. And for most electronic models they require a thorough cleaning every 1-3 months depending on your space. Some of the newer models require cleaning and replaceable filters that need to be changed regularly.

Uncover your units

OK, first off it is rare that we would ever tell you to cover your units. Certain locations and commercial locations, but typically outdoor units are built to be outdoors. The problem with covering them is that they make a great home for a local family of mice or rodents. Rodents who like to snack on the insulation of wiring inside the condensing units.

Unblock your vents

Thankfully it is time for spring cleaning which means decluttering and cleaning things out. We recommend by starting with things that have piled over supply and return vents. The easier the air can move through a system the less stress on the unit, and the overall happier with your equipment you will be. The necessary stress has many monetary issues as well. If you do want to close vents in rooms you do not use, check to see if there is a damper in the ductwork as opposed to just closing the grill. Switching the dampers in the majority of cases better diverts airflow at the source.

Once it gets a bit warmer, clean the coils

Taking a hose to your outdoor units at home or at work is a bring stress reliever for your equipment. The outdoor coils are vital for the transfer of heat from inside to outside. Which is what makes air conditioning a reality. These outdoor coils have many small groves air must travel through. Grooves perfectly sized to get packed with derbies, pollens, and vegetation. The more build up on the equipment the worse off the system will be.

Now these are all things you can do yourself, and we do recommend it. We also recommend that you get things looked at professionally once a year. During a professional inspection and efficiency adjustment we can ensure the equipment is on the right track for the upcoming season. As well as point out ways that you can improve on comfort and system performance. We are excited to show those savvy clients interested how to get the most out of their systems this summer.  Just give us a call!

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