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  • Make-Up Air Repair/Replacement
  • Black Iron Ductwork Installation
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  • Test & Balance Certification
  • Negative Pressure Elimination
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • 3M Fire Wrapping
  • Access Door Installation


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  • Thermostats and Remote Access
  • Line/Low Voltage Wiring
  • Temperature Sensors 
  • VFD Drive Support


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CaptiveAire offers a wide range of solutions for commercial kitchens that meet the highest code standards and offer cutting edge innovations. Clients rely on their abilities to capture and remove, as well as, make-up the right amount of air to meet their demands.

With the right selection, design, & installation these units can be relied on for many years to come with proper annual maintenance. Whether you are running a small basic system or more advanced large scale units see what these systems can do for you.

Let Corcoran help you for all your design, installation, maintenance, and repair needs on these systems. For help with your situation give us a call and learn why we are trusted partners in kitchen ventilation.

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After Hours Use Ext. 2

We offer a full range of day or night emergency service options. Our certified technicians are familiar with the equipment and can easily get parts or any further technical assistance.

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30am

  • $135.00 Service Call Fee
  • $135.00 Per Hour

All repairs are discussed, quoted, and agreed upon prior to completion. If repairs are agreed to we will waive service call fees during normal business hours.

We offer 24/7 emergency response, and can arrange for early starts, before kitchens get going. The technician on call can give you details about any overtime costs, or additional travel times depending on location and needs.


Wiring or Start-Up:

Far too often steps or wiring is neglected when kitchen hood systems are installed by contractors who do not know enough about the equipment. We regularly assist in ensuring installed equipment is properly wired, firing, and performing up to design & code standards.

Depending on your needs we can usually offer same day or next day start-up and review services for your newly installed equipment. We can also offer certified Test & Balance readings and reports to ensure the equipment is operating as designed. These services help ensure your system will work as it was designed to, and meets the code standards set forth in the certified & stamped blue prints.

Should the installed equipment not meet standards or have large scale shortcomings we can discuss the necessary tests to take to get the proper performance. Whether you have to take these findings back to the original contractor, or want us to get them done, we can get you on the right path moving forward.


Design/Install Help:

Once you have your desired space picked out and a kitchen layout we can help design the right ventilation system to meet your needs, or use the information created by CaptiveAire's design team to integrate and implement the proper solution.

Whether you are remodeling and existing kitchen, or starting from scratch give us a call to learn about how we can help. To get the process started we like the following information ahead of time.

  • All architectural drawings in pdf or AutoCAD format.
  • Any layout drawings for kitchen equipment.
  • Ventilation schedule.
  • A detailed list of what solutions you are looking for from us.
  • Any budgetary numbers you have for this project.
  • Projected starting and completion dates.

This information can be easily emailed to us at: