MISSION - Keeping Systems Running Optimally

What’s the secret to having a reliable, efficient HVAC equipment all year round? It’s simple: regular, performance-based maintenance. But it’s important to understand that not all “tune-up” or “clean and check” services are created equal.

The Great HVAC Myth:  

All HVAC contractors are created equal and adhere to the same standards and practices.

The Reality:

97% of contractors leave maintenance and tune-up to their most inexperienced employees, and also use these cheaply priced services as a “gateway” to more expensive repairs.

At Corcoran, we offer a different caliber of maintenance, with our PerformanceMaxx™ system approach. Which applies to both Residential and Commercial maintenance programs and is repeated each season. The single step that makes this service unique...Your home or business heating and cooling system is not be delivering the comfort and efficiency you’re paying the utility company for. PerformanceMaxx™ reports provide a preliminary snapshot of your comfort system’s delivered performance. These reports can be completed for homes, businesses, and restaurants. It can be done as a stand alone analysis, but is performed FREE on most routine maintenance visits.

Businesses that receive regular, performance-based maintenance enjoy:
  • A sizable reduction in monthly utility costs.
  • Enhanced equipment performance.
  • Increased comfort level.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Catching and fixing small problems before they become excessive or expensive.
  • 15% discount on repairs and replacement costs.
  • Priority response times and preferential service.
  • Flexible visits based on your schedule.
  • Appointments are booked in two hour windows, don't wait around all day.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is operating at peak performance before the heart of each season.
  • Regular maintenance is a must to maintain all manufacturers extended labor warranties.
  • All manufacturers recommend routine maintenance be preformed.

We Maintain:

Air Conditioners
Heat Pumps
Packaged Roof-Top Units
Mini-Split Systems
Make-Up Air Units
Exhaust Fans
Server Rooms
Almost All Makes and Models

Ready To Get Started

Call Brenda in our office and have her set up a time for us to come out and evaluate what you have, and discuss how often you were looking to have maintenance done on your equipment. Form there we can provide an accurate estimate of what annual maintenance would cost for your business. (847) 397-5888