What We Help Clients Solve:

As the areas top local indoor environment control experts we know what it takes to make you feel the comfort you are looking for in your home. Not a cookie cutter solution or a cheap band-aid fix. No. After spending 30+ years in business and over 40 years in this field alone Tom knows what it takes to get your indoor environment where you want it. Through the Corcoran process we can get you from the average home with the average comfort, and probably above average utility costs, to the perfect indoor environment. No matter the room  or the current outdoor conditions. Not all solutions are exactly the same and that is why now, more than ever the Corcoran process is  needed to unlock your homes true comfort potential.

Whether you were directed here by one of our technicians or have come across this on your own we hope that the below information helps you make the most informed decision about your comfort moving forward.

If you can strongly identify with any one or all of these following statements, we urge you to continue on this process and get the relief you deserve.
  • You have a hard time regulating the temperature of a certain area/floor or a specific room.
  • You are struggling to jeep the home comfortable at all, no matter where you set your thermostat.
  • You are not able to properly add humidity in the winter or remove it in the summer.
  • You are having excessive or continual duct noises.
  • You are concerned about the amount of dust, allergens, or mold spores in your home.

What our Solutions Focus On:

Temperature Swings
Hot or Cold Bedrooms
Improved Overall Comfort

New Homes with Comfort Problems
Improved Equipment Performance
Decreased Utility Costs

Safer Operation
Eliminating Negatives
Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ready to Get Started:

First, help identify for not only us but for yourself what you are hoping to accomplish with this process. There is no doubt going to be costs associated with the proposed solutions for better performance. Some solutions will be simple and straightforward. Others will be far more complex and intricate. For us to better help you the more information you can provide for us the better. So much so that by filling out the questionnaire we are going to take $ 100.00 off the proposed solutions as a thank you.

Understand what is really involved in the whole Test & Balance process. This is basically a fact gathering mission and then proposing some solutions based on these factors. We are going to be looking at what is causing the main issues you bring up in the questionnaire and what you want us to focus on. From there we can develop a solution or solutions based on our discoveries and computerized home modeling. By following this process, we are adhering to the cutting edge standards set forth by the top 1% of comfort professionals. This knowledge and backing of 30 plus years in the industry is what gets our clients to their most comfortable place. We would need about 1 to 2 hours of your time on our home visit to analyze what is existing and gather our information for computing some solutions. We will also be taking some readings of airflow and temperatures in various locations. This will provide us a snapshot and up front vision of what is currently happening.

The Investment:

Which is then discounted from the total solutions should you choose to make the corrections.

AIRFLOW TESTING $  197.00  $   97.00
LOAD CALCULATION $  197.00  $   97.00


Call Brenda (847) 397-5888 to get on our schedule to get your equipment tested and solutions started. If you have any plans, drawings, or information you can send to us: info@corcoraheating.com

Residential Comfort Audit