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Posted To Our Website:

About four or five years ago, the day of the 20 plus inch snow, our furnace failed.  Corcoran was the only local hvac contractor that answered the phone.  The tech showed up and got us going again but advised us our furnace was near the end.  We made it through the season but in the fall we chose not to chance another season and opted for a new furnace.  Mike and Greg were on time, personable, courteous, answered all of my questions, and very efficient with the install.  Four years later during our recent spring maintenance visit, Tom L. regretted to inform us that we needed a new cooling system.  This time we decided to roll the dice and see how long we could make it.  We made it until this past week of successive 90 degree days.  Called on Monday, Mike and Greg were here on Wednesday.  Great guys, like old friends, great team, back up and chillin' early afternoon.  A tip of the cap to the Corcoran family, what a fine operation you have and what a stellar group of individuals you have working for you.  I have never felt so good about spending so much money.  It was that fateful day that Brenda answered the phone and so grateful she did.  Customer for life, thank you all at Corcoran.

Michael D., Schaumburg, IL

Posted To Yelp:

This is a great, responsive, and detail oriented business.  They are family owned (which is an important quality for me) and I have never had any issue with the quality of service.  Further, the pricing is competitive to anyone else in the industry, but I have rarely received the quality of service from anyone else with the same or similar prices.  

I am not sure what else to say other than, if you are in need of heating and air conditioning service this is a great choice and definitely one I would recommend.  I know little about what they actually do because I am not so good at that sort of thing, but I know they do their work well, promptly, kindly, and I have never had any issues.  

I am a little disappointed by two of the other reviews and hope that any thinking person that would have a need for the services of this company would see that they are not even talking about what the company does and doubt the credibility of a review that is not even written in English (words in a line do not a sentence make).

Jason S. - Chicago, IL

Posted To Yelp:

Corcoran heating and air conditioning is a great company to hire for your HVAC needs.  John came to our home and spent some time evaluating our furnaces before making some recommendations for improvements.  He sent a proposal through email in a timely manner and was available for a phone call follow up to go over everything.  Once we decided to hire them, his crew came out and spent two full days working on everything.  The crew was very professional and polite and their work looks great, they also made a huge effort to clean up after they were done and put drop cloths down so as not to make a mess.  Our furnaces are running much better now and we are so happy to have hired Corcoran.  I would absolutely hire them again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have HVAC work done on your house.

David S. - Hinsdale

Posted To Angie’s List:

From the first phone call to the office, I knew I had found the company with whom I was going to do business. When Brenda answered the phone she was helpful, friendly and efficient. I felt this same way when John came out a few days later to give me an estimate. He was professional and knowledgable and very detail oriented. We exchanged a few emails and a phone call after he provided me with a quote and I came to know how passionate he is for his business.

For the 21 years I have lived in my townhouse, I have always had a problem getting the master bedroom, which is located above the garage, to the same temperature as the rest of the house. It is either too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. John suggested I add additional ductwork to the bedroom, a suggestion other contractors had never proposed. When I received a quote from John, it was very detailed and was $1000 less than what I received from another contractor who also proposed an air conditioner and furnace of lesser quality than a Trane. The other contractor proposed adding a separate zone for my master bedroom, which I have heard from other contractors would most likely not solve my problem. John’s quote was extremely detailed and thorough. Corcoran HVAC also provides a Heatmaxx/Coolmaxx system efficiency set up which is a value added perk few companies provide. They also remove all of the old equipment and packing materials from the new AND sort it and recycle it, which I really value.

The day of the installation went extremely well. Tim, Greg and Mike arrived on time and quickly went to work assessing what had to be done, which was quite a bit. They were efficient, knowledgeable and great problem solvers when challenges arose in my home. I felt completely confident in their ability to do quality work and they lived up to my expectation. Not only do I have new equipment and training in how to use it, best of all, my master bedroom is now as cool as the rest of the house. After 21 years, I finally found a company who knew how to solve my problem and were able to provide excellent technicians to install the equipment at a very fair price. What more could I want????

Donna E., Hoffman Estates

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to take moment an express my sincere gratitude and appreciation towards you and your company. As you know we had (2) two five year old Peerless Pinacle boiler at my home that we had lost all confidence in, and of course during the Christmas/New Year holiday break we had no heat. From the moment you call me to the day long service call to the installation of the new peerless boiler. You and your men were nothing less than spectacular. It was your professionalism and truly caring attitude that made a frustrating situation so much easier to deal with.

Every aspect of your company was of the utmost care and professionalism.
From your relentlessness attitude in trying to repair the existing boiler, to the prompt professional courtesy that your men showed my family during the installation of the new boiler. As per your advice, we took out both boilers and replaced them with one larger newer version of the Peerless boiler. I wanted you to know that your advice was dead on correct!!

The new boiler is working great, heating the home perfectly, extremely quit and extremely efficiently. So needless to say you are my new best friend. Please let this letter serve as notice that I will be recommending your company to EVERYONE I KNOW!!

It is a truly comforting feeling to know that there are still people and companies out there that put their client’s feelings and concerns before the almighty dollar. I’m a big believer in life “That what goes around comes around” and if you treat people right it comes back ten fold. Please feel free to use my name as a proud referral for your company!

So again, with great appreciation and sincere gratitude I thank you!


Rocco & Mary A. – Arlington Heights

Dear Tom,

Now that phase 2 of our rehab project is coming to a close, I finally have the time to send you a letter and express what a wonderful experience I have had with your company. Every one of your employees (and I feel I have gotten to know most of them) has been knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

Construction is never a smooth road; we all know that. Whenever a “pump” surfaced, your people were on the spot right away. Thank you for always responding, being honest and dealing with me when the stress of all the construction became a little overwhelming.

Our HVAC system is not typical. Thank you for meeting our wants. I truly appreciate every draining, welding, blowing, pumping, boiler exploding, zoning (how many are there now?), cleaning, explaining, calculating, late nighting, and running of the stairs. Your guys did it all.

Get ready…Phase 3 is coming!!!


Claudine G.

Hello John!

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner – this month has somehow passed me by! We have now completed all of the work in the two bedrooms over our garage (heating, insulation and new windows) and we have seen an amazing difference in the comfort of those two rooms. We were very pleased with Corcoran’s work. The two men that were here were efficient, pleasant, professional and excellent at what they do. We are indeed 100% satisfied, and will certainly speak highly of and recommended Corcoran to anyone we come across who is looking for heating/air conditioning work. We look forward to continuing to work with Corcoran on our annual furnace and air conditioner maintenance, and any other work that may present itself in the future. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it!

Warmest regards,

Carrie S.

Hello Corcoran

I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the new air conditioner you installed for us last week. Your workmen were very polite, couteous and neat in their work. The temperature on the second floor of my 100 year old house is now very close to that of the first floor, which wasn’t the case with our old central air conditioner.

Valerie K

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to drop you a note, that I appreciate all of your help with our heating and air conditioning needs. Your installers did a great job. They were courteous and never left a mess. The system is working quietly as promised, and seems to be heating the house more evenly. Thank you also for including several extras.

Richard M.

Dear Mr. Corcoran,

Your company installed my new new furnace. I simply had to write you to compliment you on the fine job. From the moment Tim and Mike entered the house they were the epitome of professionalism. They were efficient, courteous, and extremely informative about the whole procedure. They removed the old equipment, repaired some damaged flooring in the furnace room, solved some very tricky plumbing problems that popped up, and installed the new furnace in just one day. The furnace runs great and the “install” looks wonderful. I could not be more pleased. And. like icing on the cake, your bid was the lowest of the three I received. I assured. I assure you that I will be a customer again and I will gladly and loudly recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of heating work.

Richard C.