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Split Systems
Make-Up Air Systems

Rooftop Units

Exhaust Systems
Controls and Automation

Server Rooms
Mini Split Systems

Start The Process Here:

Step 1: Design Standards

We start by determining what kind of system you need. We compare that to see what the architect or engineer has specified for the project.

Step 2: Gather & Send Drawings

For us to properly design and install the perfect HVAC system it all starts with the drawing and the information in it. This is the foundation for our design. If the architect has rendered a drawing for the space and system we need a copy of that drawing.

We accept PDFs, but prefer Blue Prints and AutoCAD files. These files are integrated into our computerized modeling software, and allow us to create our systems and solutions. It also ensures we meet all necessary ventilation requirements.

Step 3: The Comfort Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to ensure we are both on the same page when it comes to designing the right solution for your project. All projects are unique, and this questionnaire helps answer our design questions. It also ensures we are designing based on your project and desired outcomes.

We design the solution together. Your input ensures the long term enjoyment of the final product. Also, ensures there are not costly overages and extras, or unnecessary headaches or code hold ups.

Online Survey Link

Download Survey Link

Step 4: Schedule a site visit

After completing the above, call Brenda and schedule a site visit (847) 397-5888.

Pre-Meeting or Design Checklist:

  • Please provide the appropriate blueprint pages.
  • Please complete and submit the audit.
  • Let us know of any special notes for our meeting; ie ladder or other needs.
  • Have copies of competing bids, prices are not required.
  • However, we do request the right to know what the final project went for if we are not chosen.

What can you expect from a system designed by Corcoran?

  • Based on our consultation meeting your system will be designed to address your main concerns and design concept.
  • Once we have a chance to meet we will take all the appropriate measurements – room sizes, building construction, duct sizes and layouts, insulation factors, static pressures and temperature readings where applicable.
  • Using that information we create a computerized model of your building to ensure the exact size of equipment needed to condition the space based on your desired temperature.
  • This model also helped us to understand which areas of the space may not be performing as desired and how we can improve those areas.
  • It will also give us the exact amount of air needed for not only conditioning, but also if we need to introduce fresh air.
  • In certain cases it also shows us proper water flow and tube layout for radiant heating projects.

Once we have taken the appropriate course of action and followed this process we then provide you with a proposal for your customized solution. The one designed to meet your needs, reducing problems and headaches. If you are looking to fully understand a complete HVAC design solution for your space than this process is for you. If you are looking for the cheapest bid or just to get new HVAC equipment slapped in, than this is defiantly NOT for you.

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The Investment:

Which is then discounted from the total solutions should you choose to make the corrections.
Non-Maintenance Agreement Clients: $ 497.00
Maintenance Agreement Clients: $ 397.00