Hot Upstairs – Freezing Downstairs – and Annoyed?

So were they...until they called us!

Here’s something you may not know: the ideal temperature deviation from your home’s thermostat to other areas throughout is three degrees.

That’s not what the eight-member Cannon Family in Roselle was experiencing! They found us through IMS, a trade publication and had us over to discuss comfort issues with their home’s HVAC delivery. We found that the uniform temperature they hoped to achieve in warm months (for example, opting for 78 degrees throughout) measured closer to 90 degrees in second floor bedrooms and 66 in the newly added basement sleeping rooms. That led to sheet covered but still sweating sleepers upstairs with multi blanketed, freezing family down under.

After testing the ductwork to see what air temperatures the system was delivering, we looked at other challenges the home’s air conditioning was facing (i.e. windows, insulation, etc.). That information, along with a measured floor plan was fed into a computer model to perform a load calculation. Because the results show the exact amount of air needed to turn uncomfortable rooms into livable, this analysis was essential for developing a proper battle plan. The solution was presented and these problems were corrected:

(1) Ductwork which was not only undersized, but installed on exterior, uninsulated walls.

We were able to add a large supplemental trunk line up through aligning closets and walls into the attic – sealing all joints and connections up there as well insulating with a greater than recommended duct wrap. (We used R-8).  From that location, we were able to break off the line and add supplies, sized by the computer model, into each bedroom. As the supplies were ceiling mounted and seamlessly integrated, there would be no need to patch or repaint.

(2) Bring on even more air.

In a second upper bedroom we added a large supplemental return duct which we branched from an adjacent room.  This allowed more air to be brought into the furnace.  In 90% of these cases we see there is a high static attributed to the return side.  Reducing this static pressure enables your equipment, including the ductwork, to work at its best.  Kind of like reducing blood pressure – or stress.

(3) Comforting those in the basement bedrooms.

We installed the proper adjustable dampers to help reduce the cold airflow in those rooms.

And the end result?  Rooms which were now within two degrees of the thermostat setting.  Follow up conversation with our customer was positive!  They were pleased with the process: from John’s recommendations and detailed reports, to quick scheduling, to our friendly, polite crew who communicated well and was able to finish the job earlier than anticipated, to our retesting showing that the system was now up to speed.  Although Mrs. Cannon says she feels the best referrals are word of mouth – and she’ll be happy to pass our name along - she was preparing to review us online before we beat her to it with our quality assurance phone call.  The homeowners mentioned they recently had some driveway work done, and said their experience with Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioning was “night and day” when compared to the other contractor.

We’re glad to hear it – and pledge to Keep Up the Good Work. - If you are ready to get this same level of performance and engineering for you home and want to learn more click the link below!

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